12 June 2011 @ 02:34 am
so since i've started enjoying photography again, i thought i might as well start uploading my stupid ddddderppppwings (drawings) 2 da internetz!!!!! i "quit" 6 months ago lol because... well, i felt stressed out. i was only drawing so i could get some sweet sweet attention, asspats and i was also constantly trying to impress people.

NO MORE. from now on: drawing shit for fun only!! if i start feeling stressedpressured again.. RAGEQUIT #2
the same will also happen if certain people find the new art blog

ahem anyway, here it is
it will be full of dogs standing around, and also other weird animal creatures
because those are the things i enjoy drawing, so those are the things i will draw!!!

inspird by a wonderful person's art tumblr ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ [personal profile] aradia you are that person!!!

also, all the dawg art reminded me of something..
last year, i was a member at this dog roleplaying forum
a roleplay where people played as dog characters, you know??

soo my first character there was a purebred rough collie called Virva (pic not drawn by me, the ones i've drawn of her are too embarrassing ugly to show). she was the very first rough collie character there.

at first she was a very weak shy stoic personality, but at some point i wanted her to become stronger in a way, so i arranged a game with another player, her character was supposed to attack Virva and mangle her into a stronger survivor type thing.. oh my godddddddd BUT ANYWAY

we never played that game, because i lost all my inspiration & energy and left the forum before we even started.

one day i decided to take a look at that person's dA, and...... she had created a new character for that forum, a female rough collie with the exact same colors and markings Virva had. and also, she was an angsty creature who had been attacked in the past and her ears had been torn off (that's one of the things i wanted her character to do to Virva during that fateful game we were supposed to play through!)

i still feel butthurt about it .__. i don wanna go to her dA page anymore because people are praising her ORIGINAL CHARACTER there.

LMAO FUVCK MY LIFE i am pathetic for getting upset over something like that. the end.

now i wanna draw Virva... and i will. later. i am tired.